29 Mai 2020

A huge challenge

Very proud to be part of a contribution of such dimensions.

This sanitary emergency has been for Manly a huge challenge, our R+D+I department has developed new fabrics with the achievement of the highest bacterial filtration efficiency and breathability; as much as for having been chosen as an important supplier of a very important project. We will supply the national market with more of 60 million reusable hygienic masks certified by UNE:0065, which will be available soon in all stores.

Not least, the logistic and operational challenge of adapting entire aircrafts for the transportation of our fabrics and raw materials from our factories around the world. A result made possible thanks to the efficient collaboration of our logistic partner #AcrossLogistics.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you to all of you who have made such a titanic achievement possible.

14 Avr 2020

Manly Health Care Apparel and Accessories

At Manly Interlinings we are adjusting our products and production capacity and contribute to the Covid19 global health emergency. Continuous innovation and adaptability are two of our main characteristics as a company, which completes it’s 40th anniversary this year.

Manly Health Care Apparel and Accesories

We have created Manly Health Care Apparel and Accessories. Our R+D+I department is able to develop innovative products for protection, health and safety at work articles suitable for multiple sectors of activity.

Manly is a benchmark company in the textile industry sector, due to our commitment to service, to the quality of our products and mainly due to the trust we gain from our customers. Our history is the witness of our ability to grow and accompany our customers in their business. Now also in the safety of all.

Contact us: +34 933 118 800

09 Mar 2020

Entretelas de poliéster reciclado de alta calidad.

El poliéster reciclado está hecho a partir de residuos de poliéster, desechos industriales y botellas de PET reciclados. Las entretelas recicladas ofrecen idéntico rendimiento técnico. La alta resistencia y la versatilidad funcional del poliéster reciclado, son los mismos que los del poliéster tradicional, pero con menor impacto ambiental

Para desarrollar entretelas recicladas se usa una menor cantidad de energía que en la fabricación del poliéster original. El uso del poliéster reciclado fomenta la limpieza de los medios naturales contaminados y evita el desecho de plásticos a vertedero y océanos. El uso del poliéster reciclado disminuye la huella de carbono en la industria y reduce la dependencia de plásticos de origen fósil.


Los beneficios de la entretela de poliéster reciclada y su impacto en el planeta.

Reutilización: A partir de botellas de plástico PET desechadas en vertederos y en la naturaleza u otros tejidos de poliéster como materia prima, dándoles una segunda vida y evitando que se amontonen en los vertederos.

Reducción: Del 75% de CO2 en su fabricación respecto el poliéster virgen. Se selecciona y tritura el poliéster PET o tejido de poliéster para obtener las fibras y después poder fabricar el hilo y tejerlo.

Reciclaje: El poliéster reciclado no necesita petroleo nuevo para su fabricación, reduciendo la demanda y extracción de este consumible y disminuyendo nuestra huella ambiental. El reciclaje es una oportunidad de uso post-consumo y post-industrial.

17 Fév 2020

Successful Première Vision 2020

We attend, every February, a new edition of the Première Vision congress in Paris where we introduce our new initiatives and products. This time, we had the pleasure to launch our new ecological interlinings.

The good acceptance of our new references was unanimous, we were able to capture the recognition of the market for such innovation. Our customers and all those companies that visited us showed their endorsement. Our recycled polyester interlinings are, indeed, certified by the GRS seal, Global Recycled Standard, and they can be found in our wide-ranging catalogue. Our aim is to continue advancing with our customers and meet the market demand in the most responsible way.

We were also very thrilled to announce Manly’s 40th anniversary! Such a pleasure to be able to share these important achievements with all our customers, colleagues and friends. A huge Thanks to everyone!  

05 Fév 2020

Announcing the worldwide launch of the new recycled polyester interlinings from MANLY INTERLININGS

This 2020 will be marked by two very relevant events for our company. On the one hand, the company’s 40th anniversary celebration, a fact that confirms our trajectory and the confirmation that our products and especially our service philosophy have a very positive impact on the fashion market.

On the other hand, the recent launch of our references ecological interlinings is a relevant contribution to the textile and fashion market, also to the planet environment. As a result of months of research and considerable industrial effort, we can present and offer to the market our first references of interlinings manufactured and certified recycled polyester.

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